You Make A Difference!

You Make a Difference!

Bleu Diamond is a proud sponsor of SOLO, a non-profit outreach organization. When you shop with Bleu Diamond you’re contributing to your community. Proceeds from every order from Bleu Diamond get donated to SOLO. Together we can make a difference!

SOLO is a non-profit outreach organization. What makes SOLO different from many other organizations is that they actually go out into some of the darkest places throughout the city to seek those who are lost and bring light into their situation. Unfortunately, many local resources are unavailable to those in need. Shelters do not always have beds available and city resources are out of reach as they are located in isolated areas. In addition, there are many who are simply lost in their despair and or addictions. SOLO takes on the notion that “if it is one of our loved ones, what we do? We would go to them.” At SOLO, that is exactly what they do. “In our organization, all are our loved ones and we believe it only takes one to love another.”

“We travel to where the needs are and we provide not just what we think they need, we develop relationships, ask what their needs are and provide support as needed. We distribute tarps, mouse traps, food, clothing, trash bags, basic first aide items, pet food, water, ministry/transportation upon request and specialty items as needed. We are connected to representatives at local shelters and have access to one-stop in which homeless persons are able to receive showers, medical care and shelter. Bleu Diamond has been a major contributor to our organization. They have taken it upon themselves to get personally involved, allowing us to reach more of those in need, not only in Port Hueneme but throughout Ventura County. Their monthly contributions allows us to expand and we appreciate them for their commitment to service. 100% of their donations are invested into helping those in the local community. Thank you Bleu Diamond for partnering with SOLO and doing your part to give back and make a difference!”

Thank You!

-Bleu Diamond & SOLO