Our Je Ne Sais Quoi.

What makes Bleu Diamond the leader in
Cannabis delivery?

Bleu Diamond is a family owned and operated company here on the Central Coast. Bleu Diamond Cannabis Delivery has the largest fleet of vehicles and specializes in customer service and logistics allowing us to offer our customers the fastest Delivery times in the industry.  We save you time! We save you money!How does delivery save you money?

Between the time it takes to get to a store front, go through the check in process, wait in line for entry and the gas it takes to do all of it, you could instead save all that time, money and effort by shopping with us!

Relax! Enjoy, get Comfortable and let Us do the Driving!

With the largest fleet of delivery drivers on the Central Coast we have some of the shortest ETA’s in the industry.

We specialize in delivery and Only delivery.

Our knowledgable staff are always ready to answer any questions to make phone ordering a great experience. Bleu Diamond always has a driver near you! The online menu system is finely tuned to each area and it’s assigned driver, making delivery even faster.

Don’t see the product you want? No problem, we have an extensive Preorder menu ready for a Same Day delivery.

Our Leadership

We are the leaders in bringing low cost and name brands right to your door. One of the first on the Coast to offer free delivery with lab tested and pesticide free products.

Our Commitment

We remain committed to bringing our customers the finest cannabis on the cost. With the way the world has changed our commitment is making this process on of the easiest of your day.

Our Vision

Our vision of cannabis is something normal to have delivered, like a pizza. An indulgence to have, not just for yourself but to share with a group of friends like a bottle of wine.

The Diamonds Mission

Bleu Diamond Cannabis Delivery is on a mission to bring easy quick cannabis delivery to the entire Central Coast. Our quickly growing fleet of delivery drivers will soon cover everywhere from Santa Cruz all the way to Santa Barbara…